Can I walk the Camino solo as a female?

Of course you can! Lots of pilgrims walk on their own, however you are never alone as there are always other pilgrims along the way. The best thing about walking the Camino alone is that you have the freedom to choose your start time, your pace, when to have breaks and whether to walk alone or with other pilgrims you meet along the way.

Tips for Solo Female Travellers

  • If walking alone as a female for your first time, we recommend you walk either the French Way or Portuguese Way where you will encounter more pilgrims.
  • If on your first day you are feeling anxious walking alone, you can chat to other pilgrims along the trail and ask if you can walk with them for a while.
  • Walk in the mornings when other pilgrims walk, rather than the afternoons when it can be quiet.
  • Try to ensure that there are pilgrims within sight either up ahead or behind at all times.
  • As in everyday life, stay alert at all times. Ensure your phone is charged and carry a charger and adapter with you to avoid running out of battery.
  • If you plan to walk over the Pyrennes mountains on the French Way, walk with other pilgrims from the Orisson refuge onwards as this area is prone to changeable weather conditions and fog can come in quickly which can be disorientating.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for solo pilgrims to meet people – in your accommodation, walking along the Camino, in cafes at rest breaks and restaurants in the evenings. Conversation generally sparks up easily and naturally among pilgrims who all share the common goal of getting to Santiago!
  • Be open to the Camino experience and to other pilgrims. The Camino attracts people of all ages, from different backgrounds, faiths and nationality. It is respectful to wish pilgrims a “Buen Camino” meaning “Good Journey”. 
  • Carry a small flag or sow a patch of the flag of their Country on your day bag – this is guaranteed to be a good conversation starter with other pilgrims!

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