Why choose us

1. We are passionate about what we do;

providing Affordable and Meaningful Camino trips for our clients.

2. We offer a complete package,

including luggage forward services and an extra "free day" at the end of your walk. We can customise our packages to suit your requirements.

3. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry,

when you compare like for like (trip length and luggage forward services).

4. Our focus is on a high quality accommodation and service

We have the local knowledge to provide you with the best value hotels and logistics.

5. We believe in responsible travel,

promoting slow tourism initiatives which help the economic development of rural communities.

6. We welcome and act on your feedback

We are always looking to improve every aspect of our business. In 2018 we introduced a 4 Day Camino Taster for those who are time shy and would like to enjoy a long weekend on a section of the Camino