Travel Agents

Do your customers enquire about Camino trips but you do not have the knowledge of the routes and logistics required to manage customised Camino trips? Work with Magic Hill, the Camino specialist, to provide the most memorable Camino experiences for your clients. We can help you grow your Camino offerings and provide tailor made solutions for your clients.

There are 3 ways we can work together:

1) Fees on Sales

This is the most successful relationship as you receive a percentage of the total value of the trip we put together for your customer. We handle client communication from start to end, take payment and pay you a fee every time a client referred to us purchases a Camino trip.

2) Fees on Leads

We pay you a fixed amount for each lead you send to us regardless of the client purchasing the trip. We handle the communication with the client from start to end. The advantage for you on this model is that you don’t have to worry about our conversion rates. However, from experience, the ‘Fees on Sale’ model above generates more revenue for you and reduces the uncertainty for us.

3) Net Prices

┬áIn this case, you handle all communication with the client regarding a Camino trip, sell the trip to the client and take payment from your client. We operate all the trip logistics and provide you with ‘Net Quotes’, which are discounted prices from our recommended package price on our website or customised quotes for tailor made trips. This is the least successful working relationship but we understand some travel agents may want to liaise with the client from start to end.

Email us at for further details regarding working together.