About us

Magic Hill Holidays is an Irish Camino Specialist which focuses on providing organised – hassle free – Camino trips at competitive prices. 

The founders of Magic Hill Holidays are passionate about the Camino as they know how powerful the experience is and how it can transform people’s lives. Whether you are doing the Camino for health, spiritual or cultural reasons or to fulfil a promise made in the past, the Camino will help you in ways you could not have imagined before you embarked on the journey.

Magic Hill Holidays only select high standard accommodation at each stage and carefully design the routes so that you don’t miss the opportunity to stay in the most interesting and historical locations along the Camino. Our company will provide peace of mind for your trip as we provide 24 hour phone assistance and transport to your accommodation in case of emergency.

Our comprehensive Information Packs provide insightful information about the specific region you are walking so that your trip is filled with a meaningful cultural perspective to complement your experiences with the locals.

Why Choose Us

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make the Camino more accessible to a greater number of people. To achieve our mission, we provide personalised trips at more affordable prices.

In 2017, the founders of Magic Hill Holidays worked together to make their vision, ‘Affordable and Meaningful’, come true. Our packages include all the necessary elements to make a Camino trip completely hassle free. This is why our package prices include luggage forward services, Camino Information Pack, pilgrim’s passport, transfers in case of emergency, 24 hour phone assistance and a ‘free day’ on our standard one week trips.  This way clients can enjoy sightseeing in the most interesting location on their trip while also making the package coincide with return flights. 

Our Camino Specialists will advise you on the best Camino routes and time of the year to suit your needs and preferences.


If you are planning to walk the Camino to raise money for a good cause or a charity, contact one of our Camino Specialists to plan this trip so that you can focus on fundraising efforts. Magic Hill Holidays will donate a percentage of the cost of your trip to the chosen charity on the fundraising page that you set up. 

If you are a travel agency interested in offering our trips to your clients, send us an email to info@magichillholidays.com