About us

Magic Hill Holidays is an Irish responsible travel Camino company. Founded by Camino-lovers, we believe in providing sustainable tourism trips while connecting travellers with authentic culture, heritage and the local cuisine of these regions. By promoting slow tourism, with an emphasis on tourism dispersal, we are contributing to the development of rural communities and preserving the environment (low carbon trips).

As a Camino Specialist Operator, we provide bespoke, organised and hassle free camino trips for solo travellers, couples, families and small groups. We take care of all the logistics on the Camino, provide high quality accommodation, daily luggage transfers, pilgrim’s passport, detailed walking notes, useful tips about hiking, cultural and historical information about the regions you are visiting as well as linking you with the best local cuisine options along each route. For peace of mind we provide 24 hour phone assistance and transport to your accommodation in case of emergency.

Why Choose Us

For Camino-lovers, from Camino-lovers

As Camino-lovers ourselves, we understand what is important to you. We believe in responsible travel, promoting slow tourism initiatives which help the economic development of rural communities. We believe in sustainable tourism, and we are therefore committed to small group travel, with our average group size 4-6 people and max of 12 people. We also welcome solo travellers and couples and can customise itineraries regardless of group size.

We believe in protecting the environment, by offering walking/cycling tours that have a low carbon impact. We encourage walkers to use public transport when possible and reduce waste by adopting re-usable water bottles. We believe in cultural holidays, by connecting the traveller with authentic culture, heritage and local food. We recommend specific local restaurants along the Camino. 

We believe in tourism dispersal, by taking travellers to less crowded areas and benefiting rural communities so that most of your money stays in the local community that you visit. In some villages along the Camino, hikers represent as much as 15-20% of their local economy, having a ripple effect that benefits people who do not directly work on the Camino.

We believe in flight free travel, and where possible, we advise clients how to get to the start point of their trip without flying. 

We believe in helping others. Magic Hill helps those of you walking the Camino to raise money for a charity by donating 5% of the total value of your trip to your chosen charity. 


In December 2019, Magic Hill Holidays partnered with the world’s largest search and reviews site for tours and adventure trips, Stride Travel. Based in San Francisco, Stride Travel connects travellers with their perfect trip beyond the beach. This philosophy encompasses Magic Hill’s vision of ‘Travel beyond Tourism’, where the traveller finds its own adventures and creates lasting connections.

If you are a multi-day trip online travel agency or a traditional travel agency interested in offering Camino trips to your clients, please email us at info@magichillholidays.com.