Magical Story of the Month ✨

Magical Story of the Month 

A group of 16 young people with Down Syndrome from Madrid completed the Camino De Santiago yesterday after walking for 9 days.
They were assisted by volunteers from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Madrid. 
Each evening, they shared their stories and personal experiences and one Pilgrim was chosen as ‘Pilgrim of the Day’, a recognition of the person who worked the hardest and helped others along the way. The person chosen received the honour of carrying the ‘Shell of Pilgrims’ for the following walking day.
It is an important part of the Camino De Santiago guidelines to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities on the Camino.
During the 9 days, these young people improved their interpersonal and autonomy skills, overcame the daily obstacles of life on the Camino and showed huge personal growth and development.
They arrived into Plaza Obradoiro on the 16th of July where there were very emotional scenes when they were greeted by their families.
We would like to express our HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you and to the wonderful volunteers for this Incredible and Inspirational Achievement.