The Legend of the Shadow of the Pilgrim in Santiago de Compostela

In the Praza da Quintana at nightfall, when the lights of the square are turned on, a shadow of a pilgrim is projected on the wall of the Cathedral de Santiago.

Legend tells us that it is the shadow of a pilgrim who waits every night. It is said that the pilgrim was a priest who met every evening with a nun from the Convent of San Paio de Antealtares, located next to the Praza.

One day, the priest proposed to the nun, who agreed, they planned to run away together to be able to live their love freely. They arranged to meet at dusk and the priest disguised himself as a pilgrim so as not to attract attention and patiently waited, but she, no one knows why, did not arrive.

He has never resigned himself to reality. Since then, as night falls, the priest continues to come to the meeting point on time. Nightly, if you pass by there, you will be able to observe his still shadow waiting in silence. With patience.