Budget Trips for Solo Travellers

At Magic Hill, we recognise that it is expensive for solo travellers to go on the Camino on an organised trip. As frustrating as it is for solo travellers, the fact is – it is more economical to travel with someone else and share a room, be it a partner, friend or family member.

Why is this? Why do single supplements exist? 

Because prices are calculated based on two people sharing and the cost of a room is divided by two people. For a single occupant, accommodation providers sometimes reduce the room price but not always. If they do, some may remove breakfast only while others remove breakfast and reduce the price a little bit, generally by €10, and not by 50% as you may think.

So say for example a room including breakfast for two costs €100, each person would therefore pay €50. For a single occupant, the price generally reduces to €80.

What if you don’t want to travel with someone else? What if you want to walk the Camino alone but not stay in Albergues and have the support of Camino experts along the way? 

Magic Hill recognises this difficulty for solo travellers. As our aim is to make the Camino accessible to more people, we have come up with Budget Camino Trips for Solo Travellers….

What is Magic Hills new Budget Trips for Solo Travellers? 

These trips are a slightly lower quality; 1 – 2 star accommodation compared to the 2-3 star accommodation in our Standard packages. Having said that, all rooms are still good quality and occasionally, you will stay in the same accommodation as our Standard packages however in a smaller room. All rooms are private with ensuite bathrooms.

Everything else will be the same as in our Standard packages including Breakfasts, Luggage forward, Pilgrims Passport, Camino walking notes, 24 hour support and Transfer in case of Emergencies.

What are the prices?

Here is an example of our 6 Day Finisterre Way Budget Trip for Solo Travellers….

What have our clients said about this new initiative? 
One recent client who opted for our new Budget Finisterre Way trip in July, saved €135! This client was tied to dates and could only travel in July, which is the most expensive month to travel in terms of airline flights and accommodation. She said “these prices are definitely more manageable for one person especially when you add in flights….I can now afford to go on the Camino this year… I am delighted”.


Magic Hill is delighted to be able to bring more solo travellers on the Camino. For more information about our Budget Trips for Solo Travellers, please email us at info@magichillholidays.com