Le Havre – Rome Charity Walk 2020

What? Walk 2,000km from France to Italy for charity

Where? From Le Havre, France to Rome, Italy

When? Wednesday 11th March 2020 and Friday 11th September 2020

Why? To raise funds for ‘Gorta Self Help Africa’

For How Long? The entire 2,000km walk will take 50 days. However you can also join the group for a week, or two or whatever your time allows.

More Info – The organiser, Drew Vignoles-Skally from Kilcock, Co. Kildare, previously walked this route 40 years ago in 1979 and raised over £15,000 for 5 charities (see photos below). He completed the walk again in 2001. For further details of this Charity Walk, check www.romewalks.org or email us. Please note this is a non for profit project.