Easter Message from Magic Hill

Since the Middle Ages and over the centuries, the Camino has witnessed Wars, pests, droughts and famine and it always returned stronger than before. Those who had the opportunity to walk the Camino in the past know very well the Camino is the opposite of what we are experiencing in the last three weeks. Your Camino experience tells you that no matter how hard the climb over the steep hill is, it will be a distant memory in the future. The extra effort required to overcome the difficulty was worth the pain for it allowed you to arrive to that special place or to meet that special person who helped you on your journey.

At present, each of us are experiencing self-isolation or social distancing from family, friends and strangers. We feel that some of our freedom has been taken away from us in order to protect ourselves and others from the virus. However once we overcome this pandemic and return to our busy daily lives, we will value what the Camino has to offer even more – kindness, tolerance and generosity from other pilgrims, but also the space to be on our own with nature and our thoughts. It will be a time of reflection for most of us to process what is happening in the World and in our personal lives. The Camino will be that special place once again, where we can slow down from the fast pace of life.

Remember, the Camino is one of the most universal phenomena in the world and people from all over the world, like yourself, will return to find the nostalgic sense of ultimate freedom and camaraderie that will always be the essence of The Way.

We wish you all a Happy Easter Weekend. Stay Safe and Take Care.

From all at Magic Hill