Camino Discounts to celebrate St James Day!

To celebrate St James Day on the 25th of July, we are giving €50 OFF on all our Camino trips for October 2019 with the discount code OctoberCamino2019.

What is St James Day?

St James Day celebrates the life of St James, the apostle and is a public holiday in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Galicia. As the relics of St James are buried in the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, this is the largest Festival of the year in this medieval City.

The 13 day Festival will be take place from the 19th – 31st of July and there will be a full programme of exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, regional dances, sports, childrens shows, guided tours, circus acts, a fun fair in Alameda Park and open-air celebrations in every part of this historical city. Main artists include Xoel López, La Casa Azul, LAMODA, Budiño, The Main Squeeze, Zalon Thompson, Leilia, Papaya and the Real Filharmonía of Galicia.

At midday on the 24th of July, the Cathedral bells will ring out to highlight the event that will occur that night. At midnight, the Plaza del Obradoiro square in front of the Cathedral will be filled with light and colour from a spectacular fireworks show. The most striking feature will be the multidimensional projections on the cathedral itself, which appear to bring it to life.

As there are internal works ongoing in the Cathedral, mass will be held on St James Day in San Martín Pinario at 10.30. At the end of the Mass, you can see the Botafumeiro, a large ceremonial incense burner that is swung vigorously, filling the Monastery with incense. The King of Spain, Don Felipe VI, will be in attendance.

Programme of Events 23rd – 31st July. For full details of the festival events, please click on

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